1. Privacy policy and personal data protection

Grupo Gestiona-t Gestores, S.L. (“Gestiona-t”), with registered office in Madrid, Calle del Monte Esquinza 30, Left Ground Floor, E-28010 Madrid, with taxpayer identification number (número de identificación fiscal) B-86407210 and registered with the Companies House (Registro Mercantil) of Madrid, at Tome 27,743, folio 38, 8th section, sheet M-535,134, 1st entry, hereby informs the users of the website grupogestiona-t.com of its policy in relation to personal data protection (the “Personal Data”), so that the users of this website freely and voluntarily consider whether they desire to furnish Gestiona-t with the Personal Data that may be requested or that may be obtained from the users as a consequence of the hiring or use of certain services that are rendered by Gestiona-t on or through the website. Gestiona-t shall be entitled to amend this policy in order to adapt it to any legislation that may be enacted or case law that may be ruled, and to industry practices. In such circumstances, Gestiona-t will announce the changes on this website, with a reasonable period of time in advance of the actual application of the aforementioned amendments.
For the purposes of Organic Act 15/1999, dated December 13th, on Personal Data Protection (the “Data Protection Act”), we hereby inform you that the data to be obtained in the different forms will be included in a personal data file for the purposes of properly liaising with your request. The addressee of such data will be Gestiona-t.
Gestiona-t, in its capacity as the holder of the file, will guarantees your right to access, rectify, cancel and object to the data it has been furnished with. To that end and for the purposes of providing such services, users must simply submit their request to the following email address: info@grupogestiona-t.com
In addition to the above, when using the data included in the file, Gestiona-t commits to complying with the confidentiality of such data. Gestiona-t will also use such data in accordance with the purpose of the file. When submitting the information referred to in the forms, the user expressly consents to his or her data being processed by and assigned to Gestiona-t, for the fulfilment of the purposes that have been described above. For the purposes of the Data Protection Act, we hereby inform you that the data collected in the different forms will be included in a file belonging to Gestiona-t in order to submit your request and properly manage the rendering of services. Such data shall be processed in order to inform you of and send you advertisements of new special promotions in connection to services or products related to the Internet and new technologies. Should you not desire to have your data processed for commercial purposes, we hereby request you tick the box that will pop up or appear when hiring the service.
You will be able to exercise your right to access, rectify, cancel and object as set forth in the relevant legislation by emailing info@grupogestiona-t.com.

2. Web surfing and cookies

Cookies are small text files that are installed in the user’s browser in order to register activity by sending an anonymous identification that is stored in the browser, for the purposes of facilitating the use of the browser. For instance and without limitation, cookies permit users that have previously registered to access areas, services, promotions or contests that are reserved for such users without needing to register on each visit to the website.
Cookies can also be used to measure audience, traffic and browsing parameters, session length and/or to control the progress and number of entries. Gestiona-t will procure at all times to set up proper mechanisms in order to obtain user consent to install cookies that require such consent. This notwithstanding, please bear in mind that pursuant to the relevant legislation, the user’s consent will be deemed to exist when the user has disabled the restrictions avoiding cookies in the browser. Such consent will not be mandatory to install cookies that are strictly necessary in order to render a service that has been expressly requested by the user (by means of previous registration).
Please find below a list of the main cookies that are currently used by Gestiona-t:

Name Origin Purpose of the cookie
-utma Google Analytics This cookie enables the control for single visits. The first time that the user accesses Gestiona-t’s website through a browser, this cookie shall be set up. When the user accesses the website again, the cookie will consider the user to be the same. When the user accesses the website through another browser, Google Analytics shall consider that another user is accessing the website.
-utmb-utmc Google Analytics These cookies enable the calculation of time for the session. The first cookie (-utmb) registers the time in which the website is accessed. The second one (utmc), checks whether the session must be maintained open, or a new session must be created. The utmb cookie expires thirty (30) minutes after the last registration of visits, while the utmc cookie is a variable of session, in such a way that it is automatically erased after the change of website or when closing the browser.
-utmz Google Analytics This cookie enables the registry of the user’s location. Some data shall be registered and, inter alia, if the user accesses our website through direct connection, from another website, through a banner or through a browser (and indicating the word used in the source).

Gestiona-t’s ownership

This cookie enables the function to control the language, by detecting the visitor’s country of origin and by sending the proper language.
Grupo Gestiona-t

Gestiona-t’s ownership

This cookie permits the session stay to be carried out in order to show the information message about the cookies.

Notwithstanding the above, the user has the possibility to configure the browser in order to be warned about the reception of cookies, in order to avoid these cookies being set up in the computer.

3. Conditions of use

These conditions set out the use of the Gestiona-t web for Internet users. The use of the website entails the full acceptance thereof, without reservations, and of all the conditions and restrictions that are published on the website, when said website is accessed. Access to the website and/or the use of any of the services included in the website will entail the acceptance of the conditions of use. Gestiona-t reserves the right to unilaterally amend the website and the services that are offered on the website, including, without limitation, the amendment of the conditions of use. As a consequence, we recommend the user read this legal notice every time the website is accessed.

4. Conditions to use the website

The user must use the web in accordance with authorized uses. The use of this website with purposes that are illicit, unlawful, against good faith, the public order or the provisions of the conditions of use is strictly prohibited. The use of this website in such a way that the entitlements, rights or interests of third parties are harmed, or in such a way that the use impairs and/or hinders the use of the website and/or its services by other users, is strictly prohibited.
The use of this website is free for the user.

5. Intellectual property rights

All contents of the website (brand, commercial names, images, icons and general presentation of the different sections, without limitation) are subject to intellectual property rights of Gestiona-t or third parties. Under no circumstance whatsoever does access to this website imply, by Gestiona-t or any third party, (1) the granting of authorization or licence over the aforementioned contents, (2) the resignation, transmission or assignment (whether in full or in part) of rights over those contents (by way of example, but not limited to, broadcasting, distribution or public communication rights).
This website and/or its contents cannot be used for purposes other than those that are expressly authorized by Gestiona-t. No user of this website can resell, republish, print, copy, broadcast or present any element of this web or of the contents of the website without the prior express consent of Gestiona-t, except when such behaviours are reasonably permitted by the applicable legislation, for personal and non-commercial uses, and without altering the contents, the copyright and other identification rights of Gestiona-t or of the owners of such contents.
This website and its contents are protected by international legislation on protection of intellectual property rights, whether as individual works or as compilations. The user cannot erase or amend under any circumstance any information in relation to those rights included on the website. All such rights are reserved in favour of Gestiona-t or the owner thereof.

6. Exclusion of warranties and liability

Gestina-t does not guarantee or undertake any liability for the operation of the web and/or its services. Should any interruption in the use of the website occur, Gestiona-t will make its best efforts, whenever possible, to warn the user on such circumstance. Gestiona-t does not warrant the use of the website and/or its services in order to carry out any activity and, in particular, Gestiona-t is not in a position to guarantee the infallibility of this website, or the possibility to use this website and/or the services offered hereon at any moment. Gestiona-t is authorized to carry out as many technical amendments as necessary in order to improve the quality, performance and efficiency of the system and/or its connection.
Except when a term is expressly set out, the rendering of services at the outset has an indefinite term. This notwithstanding, Gestiona-t is authorized to end any of the website’s services or access thereto at any time. In the event of this happening, Gestiona-t will inform users in advance, when possible.
Contents of any nature included in this website are available for the general public and permit access to information, products and services that are supplied or provided, as the case may be, by Gestiona-t. Such contents are furnished on a bona fide basis by Gestiona-t, with information that in some cases, could arise from sources other than Gestiona-t. As a result, Gestiona-t is not in a position to guarantee the reliability, truthfulness, thoroughness and updated status of the contents and, as a result, any liability for Gestiona-t that could stem from damages caused, whether directly or indirectly, by the information accessed on the website, should be excluded.
Gestiona-t does not guarantee the suitability of the contents included in the web for the private purposes of those accessing the website. As a result, both access to the website and use of the information and contents herein included is of the exclusive liability of those accessing them, in such a way that Gestiona-t under no circumstance will be liable or hold anyone harmless for the potential damages stemming from the use of the information and contents that are accessible on the website. In addition, Gestiona-t shall not be liable for products or services that are rendered or offered, as the case may be, by other persons or entities, for those contents, communications, opinions or representations of whatever fashion that are originated or disseminated by third parties and are accessible through the web site.
The website could allow the user to access other webpages via links. Gestiona-t shall not be responsible for, and does not make of its ownership, the contents of any websites that are linked hereto. Gestiona-t does not guarantee the lawfulness, accurateness, reliability or truthfulness of the information of linked websites. The mere existence of a link shall not entail any relationship of any kind between Gestiona-t and the owner of the linked website. Gestiona-t shall not be liable for any type of breaches or damages that are caused to the user or third parties as a consequence of those websites that are linked hereto.

7. Jurisdiction and governing law

The conditions of use and the services offered in the website are governed by Spanish law. Gestiona-t is unable to control user access to Gestiona-t’s website and their location. In spite of being aware of such circumstance, this does not mean that Gestiona-t recognizes any jurisdiction of whatever foreign country. In the event of any conflict or claim in connection with this website or any of the services rendered herein, the parties shall settle any controversy that may arise before the courts of the city of Madrid (Spain).